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Kev Toone

After a courageous battle against stomach cancer for almost 2 years, Kev Toone passed away peacefully on 10th September 2010. Kev was the owner/founder of Styx Photography and StyxWetWorld.

Only a few people knew about Kev's illness. That's because Kev wanted it to be that way. He was determined to be independent and not to be a burden to anyone. During his last 2 years he never complained, despite some difficult and lengthy treatment. He just kept pushing on and working hard, in an effort to carry on with life even though he knew (almost a year ago) that he was not going to beat the disease. His determination meant he survived almost a year longer than the doctors had initially suggested. This gave him plenty of time to plan things, to spend a lot of time with his son - touring Europe and "living life to the full" in Kev's normal way.

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Styx continues

As we all know Kev was a talented and brave man who had spent years developing Styx Photography and the Styx brand. When it became apparent to Kev that he was not going to win the battle with cancer, he had some real concerns. The first was that Styx members should not be inconvenienced, so membership options were reduced to only 'monthly' in case the site had to be closed. His main concern was his beloved son Chris and the other was Styx, both being very close to his heart. Kev was determined that both would continue and prosper and, to this end, he invited a new member to the Styx team. John joined the team in early 2010, to learn the Styx way and to keep the brand going.

Whilst Kev was able, he helped John by shooting and directing - not only in the studio but also on location. I'm sure you will appreciate that, as Kev became weaker, his input to the site reduced. As a result, for many months before his death in September 2010, Kev did no shoots or editing for the site and everything was being done by John. Website technical assistance and guidance continued to be provided by Graham during this time.

John was a friend of both Kev and Chris before he joined Styx. During the last few months this friendship became stronger, and John is determined to keep the Styx brand going in Kev's memory and to provide Chris with an income. Chris has had much to contend with in the last few months. Not only has he lost his father and dear friend, he has taken over the studio and is helping to run Styx. As time goes on we would anticipate that Chris will become more involved in shooting material for Styx. John and Graham (and the 'Styx crew') have become friends and will continue to help and provide assistance to help keep Styx alive and providing an income for Chris.

The current situation for Styx and StyxWetWorld

Chris, John, Graham - October 2010 (and updated September 2011)

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